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Meet Marble Lifestyle

The founders of Marble Lifestyle

Marble Lifestyle was founded out of personal experience, or to be more specific: frustration. The Marble founders are both passionate travelers, wanting to experience the most beautiful and special locations in the world. All too often their enthusiasm was curbed because they encountered fully booked venues or sold out venues and were not aware of the hidden gems. However, they discovered the power of having a strong network when doors were opened which they thought were impossible to open.

The philosophy of the Marble Lifestyle founders is that everybody deserves access to a network that will bring them to almost anywhere they want. And thus a unique lifestyle management company was born, offering personal lifestyle management services to guests visiting The Netherlands, or anyone living there. We focus on you and creating the best possible, tailored experience.

Marble Lifestyle stands out with a unique approach. We want to get to know you and discover what your preferences and passions are so we can service you with unique experiences and memories. We are not a distant travel agency for visiting Amsterdam or Rotterdam: we are your personal lifestyle managers and portal to hidden gems, exclusive access and sold out events, anywhere in The Netherlands. There are no sold out events or fully booked places for us. Even if you are too late: we get you in and make sure you have the best time possible without paying more than you usually should.

What does Marble Lifestyle do for you

Simply put: we take care of your every need and get you exclusive access where others can’t, even when the location or event of your choice is fully booked or sold out. Our lifestyle managers have all the necessary expertise to exceed your expectations. As experts in lifestyle management we save you valuable time and make sure you travel or enjoy your activities in maximum comfort. Let us focus on arranging your trips, getaways, accommodation, entertainment and everything else you need, so you can focus on just one thing: enjoying yourself. Our unique personal concierge service is available to anyone: whether you are visiting as a tourist, for a business meeting or working or living in Holland: you want to get to know the country or city better and we know where to take you for an amazing experience.

Our personal concierge service can help you with anything you want: from bookings to advice, exclusive access, finding hidden gems and even tailor made programs. We open doors and make possible what you thought was impossible. Utilizing our personal concierge service means enjoying unique benefits. Whether you want to explore Amsterdam, Rotterdam or any other place in The Netherlands: we know all the best places, from restaurant to theatre, from hotel to sports stadium, from museum to nightclub and everything in between. As a lifestyle management company it is our passion to get to know your personal preferences so we can fully cater to your needs. We aim to exceed your expectations, and deliver.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt –

Unforgettable experiences.

We are your personal concierge or travel agent providing you the ultimate way to enjoy the true gems of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other parts of Holland. We take care of all the necessary arrangements so you can fully enjoy what you came to do. Worry and stress free. No matter what you are looking to do: we make it happen. Just have a look at our services to get an idea of what we can do for you. Contact us, tell us your wishes and let us create an unforgettable experience. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and provide more information. Once you’ve experienced the Marble Lifestyle way of exclusiveness and enjoyed our services as a personal concierge, you never want to explore or travel any other way. That’s our promise.

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